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Who can benefit from Colorimetry and Colour Overlay?


Dyslexic patients can sometimes experience a dramatic and life-changing improvement in the comfort, clarity and fluency of their reading. For others it can be less dramatic, but still greatly improves their comfort and stamina for reading and writing. 



Autism can also be dramatically helped in many cases, and a precision tint is thought to be of significant benefit in at least 80% of such patients!


Migraine is another problem that can be significantly improved with Colorimetry and a precision tint. During the test it usually becomes very obvious if the tint will help, as there can be a marked improvement in comfort noticed by the patient with the correct tint, and a reduction in the visual trigger to migraine can be expected to follow


Visual stress is a term used to describe visual discomfort and perceptual distortions in printed text, and is suffered by many people who struggle to read. The condition is estimated to be present in approximately 40% of poor readers and 20% of the general population.


Visual Stress refers to reading difficulties, light sensitivity and headaches from exposure to disturbing visual patterns. It can be responsible for print distortion and rapid fatigue when reading. The severity of these symptoms can vary from person to person.

The symptoms can occur despite normal vision and can include:

  • movement of print
  • fading of print
  • letters changing shape or size
  • letters fading or becoming darker
  • patterns appearing, sometimes describes as “worms” or “rivers” running through print
  • illusions of colour – blobs of colour on the page or colours surrounding letters or words
  • rapid tiring
  • headache or eyestrain


  • moving closer to or away from the page
  • becoming restless when reading
  • using finger as a marker
  • skipping words and lines
  • rubbing eyes and blinking excessively
  • low self esteem.

How Colour Helps?

In many cases, the symptoms of Visual Stress can be reduced by the use of coloured filters: a coloured overlay placed over text or coloured lenses worn in spectacles. Research has shown that offering a large number of colours allows for optimal results. The Intuitive Colorimeter™ offers many thousands of colour combinations, and offers true precision to the patient.



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